Magarity Accepts Paypal Payments

To avoid gathering at our front desk and help with Social Distancing, we now accept that you make Payments through Paypal. 

Paypal Payments are accepted for:

  • Court Time
  • Lessons
  • Clinics

Not valid for Contracts or Pro-Shop items.

We are still working on this page.

Maybe we should list each service separate so that clients can add to the cart specific purchases.


Pee Wee Tuesday Clinic: $50 / 5 weeks – [ADD TO CART]

Pee Wee Saturday Clinic: $50 / 5 weeks – [ADD TO CART]

Futures Saturday Clinic: $135 / 5 weeks – [ADD TO CART]

… and so on…


So… the dropdown below will not be used.

How to Make a Payment – this will all be different if we use the ADD TO CART for each service.

Bascially they will get a confirmation email with the details of their purchase.

Disregard the steps below

  1. Choose the amount above.
  2. Click on the Buy Now Button
  3. Write down your Paypal payment confirmation number.
  4. Keep a copy of your confirmation number.